(1) Garden Wall

Tetraloc Bricks can be used to construct low non-structural garden walls. 

(2) Boundary Wall

Tetraloc bricks can be used to construct structural boundary walls. Tetraloc bricks have vertical holes to allow for vertical steel reinforcement, resulting in a strong and stable wall.

Tetraloc Bricks are capable of constructing walls with a smooth finish ensuring a strong and attractive wall for both you and your neighbour.

(3) Integrated Column

Tetraloc Bricks can be used for both double and single block columns. Columns are easy to construct and simple to integrate into walls at constant length.

(4) Wall Intersection

Walls built with Tetraloc Bricks can intersect at any angle. The bricks can be ground into shape, and horizontal steel reinforcement can be placed in the horizontal holes to ensure a strong and smooth finish.

(5) Developed in Australia

The patented brick shape was developed at the University of Western Australia. TETRALOC Pty Ltd commercialized it by manufacturing prototypes and developing construction methodologies.