Technical Details

Early Technical Development

Dr. David Yong invented the unique topologically interlocking brick shape as part of his PhD thesis at the University of Western Australia. He then started Tetraloc Pty Ltd with help from friends and colleagues.

David added provision for horizontal support tie bars in both horizontal directions, so along with the vertical bar or services holes, the brick has become a mature modular design element.

Then the uniqueness of the brick became apparent, and was able to be patented in many countries.

“The unique interlocking shape of Tetraloc bricks means that it’s very easy for DIY enthusiasts at home to pick up the brick and build with minimal training. 

The interlocking shape has been developed especially for efficient stress distribution, but also, allows anyone with a can-do attitude to build their own retaining wall, garden wall or even their own house”

No Mortar, No Mess

The interlocking nature of Tetraloc bricks means they can be stacked in two ways:

  • Dry-stacked with grouted rebar every 600 mm for earthquake regions, OR
  • Bonded with a construction adhesive.

Both eliminate the need for traditional Mortar. Traditional mortar fails in any foundation movement or earthquake and requires particular skill to lay. Bricks laid with mortar require precise leveling during brick laying.

Tetraloc bricks are self leveling, and any resulting gaps can be filled with render bagging or acrylic coatings. 

No mortar: means faster construction and time saving on mortar preparation.

Unique Finish

The surfaces of Tetraloc bricks are pleasing to the eye and not like a standard mortared brick finish.  Most people prefer coating the brick so that the underlying shape is visible. In this case rendering or plastering is not necessary.

Building Possibilities

Below are some sample structures that can be constructed using Tetraloc bricks. 



At Tetraloc Pty Ltd, we are passionate about eco-friendly and sustainable building products. The brick can also be made from recycled materials such as fly-ash and demolished building materials. Raw materials are mixed with cement and pressed to form the unique shape, then cured to achieve maximum strength.

Construction Savings

We created Tetraloc bricks for the customer to be able to empower people to make their own structures, stronger than any traditional wall.

The interlocking shape allows convenient and easy brick laying as the brick self-aligns during construction.

A DIY enthusiast utilising Tetraloc bricks can build straight strong walls easily matching a professional brick layer.