The Tetraloc System

Early Development

Dr. David Yong invented the unique topologically interlocking brick shape as part of his PhD thesis at the University of Western Australia. After his degree, he started TETRALOC Pty Ltd with help from friends and colleagues. They continued the research for the next 4 years to develop a cheaper, faster and safer construction brick, keeping in mind DIY users. This unique brick shapes is currently patented in many countries.

DIY Friendly

The unique interlocking shape of Tetraloc bricks means that it’s very easy for DIY enthusiasts at home to pick up the brick and build with minimal training. The interlocking shape has been developed especially for efficient stress distribution, but also, allows anyone with a can-do attitude to build their own retaining wall, garden wall or even their own house. The below pictures show the interlocking pattern. The Tetraloc brick is like a “lego” brick for DIY users.

No Mortar, No Mess

The interlocking nature of Tetraloc bricks means they can be stacked in two ways. Dry-stacked with grouted bonding or bonded with a construction epoxy spray. Both eliminate the need for traditional Mortar. Traditional mortar may cause long term cracking in brick walls, and is also messy during construction. Mortar requires precise leveling during brick laying and a lack of leveling can lead to stability issues later. Tetraloc can be bonded via a thin, low viscosity construction epoxy spray which can achieve adequate bonding strength. No mortar means faster construction and time savings on mortar preparation.

Professional Finish

The surfaces of Tetraloc bricks are manufacturered smooth. So rendering or plastering is not necessary which increases time and cost savings. The brick must be coated with masonry sealant to protect it from the elements and prolong its life. The wall can be finished by applying a coat of textured paint.

Building Possibilities

Tetraloc Bricks can be used for multiple types of structures such as garden walls, retaining walls, columns, fence boundary walls, pavers, extensions and houses. Below are some sample structures that can be constructed using Tetraloc bricks. 



At TETRALOC Pty Ltd, we are passionate about eco-friendly and sustainable building products. We use sandy soil as a raw material to reduce impact on fertile agricultural lands. The brick can also be made from recycled materials such as fly-ash and demolished building materials. The brick’s raw material is mixed with cement and pressed with a mold in order to form it’s shape and cured to acheive maximum strength. Traditional bricks are kiln fired which releases large quantities of harmful gases into the atmosphere. Unlike traditional kiln-fired bricks, Tetraloc bricks are manufactured green and eco-friendly.

Construction Savings

We created Tetraloc bricks for the customer to achieve time and cost savings. The interlocking shape allows convenient and easy brick laying as the brick self-aligns during construction. A DIY enthusiast utilising Tetraloc bricks can build much faster than a professional brick layer using traditional bricks (up to 2x speed). Our research indicates that a consumer can decrease the cost of construction by up to 35% by using Tetraloc bricks, whilst still maintaining professional appearances.